Rating system

The aim of our reviews is to determine the short-term (ICO and following 12 months) and a long-term investment potential of the ICO. In evaluating short-term value of the investment, we evaluate 10 broad internal, external and coin value factors of the ICO, whereas the assessment of the long-term investment potential takes into consideration only the items that are considered as the most relevant for the long-term maintenance of the value of the investment under the current business practice. Each factor is evaluated on a 10 point scale and assigned weight within predefined range (the sum of all weights sum up to 100%). The factor weights are adjusted within the specified range based on the particular ICO features (such as ICO industry, business model, features of the coin use e.g. share like or currency like features) to better reflect underlying economics of each ICO. The justification and analysis of the given ratings is provided in blue further in the report. Our interpretation of overall ratings is as follows:

1.0-3.0 non-investment object (likely a scam)
3.1-5.0 poor investment
5.1-7.0 has a chance of succeeding
7.1-10.0 can change the world for the better. A more detailed description of the review and rating methodology is provided in our website.
To be updated soon...