About us

Iconomist is a team of analysts and business experts with deep knowledge and experience in the field of investing in cryptocurrency and ICO markets. Our team members have backgrounds in the fields that are essential in evaluating young business as an investment object including, but not limited to, financial due diligence, consulting, legal and regulatory due diligence, business development, marketing and technology. Furthermore, Iconomist team counts on the network of industry experts that consult us on ad hoc maters required for our analysis. Iconomist decided to share its insights on the upcoming ICOs in order to make ICO market more transparent, trustworthy and beneficial to everyone, since enormous investments in marketing combined with lack of information and comprehensive analysis increase the opportunities for fraud, deceit and bad management practices. Iconomist believes that advances in blockchain and opportunities that it creates for the community, business and investors will irreversibly change the way we live. Our goal is to make this market more transparent by identifying companies that are going to change the world for the better.